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In June 2022, the Supreme Court returned to the States the power to regulate abortion laws in their own jurisdictions.   

Many states were quick to place a total ban on the practice, while others raced to add protections for abortion into their state constitutions. After months of lawsuits, stop gaps, and back and forth over law changes, abortion laws nationwide can be difficult to navigate. 

As of this writing, this information is up to date but may be subject to change as laws are revised.

Is Abortion Legal in California?

According to Proposition 1 In California, abortion is legal until viability, around 24 to 26 weeks of pregnancy.

There are limitations to abortion access. The right to abortion is absolute in the state under two conditions. These are when:

  • The fetus is not yet viableor
  • The procedure is necessary to protect the life or health of the mother.

You Have the Right to Make an Informed Decision

If you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant, you have the right to be informed so you can make an empowered decision. 

The National Library of Medicine states that “Informed consent is the process in which a health care provider educates a patient about the risks, benefits, and alternatives of a given procedure or intervention. The patient must be competent to make a voluntary decision about whether to undergo the procedure or intervention..”  At the Women’s Clinic of the Antelope Valley we do not profit from any decision you make. All our services are free. We have three steps to help you process an informed decision.

1. Pregnancy Testing

Did you know your home pregnancy test result can be wrong? False negatives can occur when the test is taken too early. False positives might occur if the directions included with the test are not followed. For example, too much urine applied to the test strip can result in an evaporation line which might be misread as a positive result. We offer free, lab-quality pregnancy testing and a follow-up ultrasound so you can know for sure.

2. Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound

An ultrasound offers essential information about your pregnancy, including where the pregnancy is located, how far along you are, and if the pregnancy is viable. These factors will help you determine the next steps in your pregnancy care.

3. Alternatives Education

If you are pregnant, you will have to consider your alternatives: Parenting, Adoption, Abortion. Each comes with perceived and real risks and benefits. 

Our medical and service team members can offer information on each alternative, answer questions you may have, and just sit with you as you process. We are not in a hurry. This will be a life-changing decision, and you deserve a caring, non-judgmental environment of support as you learn and process what is next.  

Schedule a pregnancy confirmation appointment today at no cost to you.