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A limited OB ultrasound is essential to pregnancy confirmation, especially when considering your pregnancy options.

You may be wondering if you need an ultrasound. We always recommend getting an ultrasound, as it confirms key pregnancy details that will help you determine your options.

How Does A Limited OB Ultrasound Work?

A limited OB ultrasound sends sound waves into your body with a transducer. These sound waves bounce off the inside of your body, generating real-time images you can see on a screen. There is no radiation used during an ultrasound. It’s very safe.

Why Get A Limited OB Ultrasound?

A limited OB ultrasound reveals details that a pregnancy test cannot. The three main reasons you need an ultrasound are to:

  • Confirm that the pregnancy is located within the uterus
  • Confirm the presence of a heartbeat
  • Determine the gestational age (how long you have been pregnant)

These details are vital for making a healthy and informed decision about a possible pregnancy and what to do next.

The Women’s Clinic of the Antelope Valley is a California-licensed medical clinic under the supervision of a licensed physician with a trained team of nurses. We can help you make an informed decision for your future. You are not alone!

Schedule an initial pregnancy confirmation appointment with us to get started on your pregnancy journey.

Step 1: Confirm your pregnancy with a lab-quality pregnancy test at no cost.
Step 2: Receive a limited OB ultrasound at no cost to you. If, for some reason, you do not medically qualify for a limited OB ultrasound, we will let you know and discuss options.  
Step 3: Make an informed decision. Learn about your body and ensure you understand the specifics of any procedure you may be considering. Take your time to research every option so you can feel confident.

We are here for you as you take your next steps. Call today and make an appointment.