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Be informed about your pregnancy today with our free and confidential pregnancy services! We offer both steps of pregnancy confirmation: pregnancy testing and limited OB ultrasounds, but we do not perform or refer for abortions.

Even if you have taken a home pregnancy test, be sure of your results by following it up with a pregnancy test at our clinic. You could have taken a home test too early or skipped a step completely. To get the most accurate test result possible, let us help.

You may be wondering if you need an ultrasound. We always recommend getting one, as it confirms key details of your pregnancy to determine what options you have. Schedule an initial pregnancy confirmation appointment with us to get started on your pregnancy journey.

You are not alone as you navigate an unexpected pregnancy and whichever pregnancy decision you decide on. Our non-judgmental and compassionate team is here every step of the way and even beyond pregnancy!

You deserve all the facts to make a confident decision regarding your pregnancy. Empowered women are educated women. We can be your resource for helping you learn about every pregnancy choice. We are here to talk options. Our caring team offers a safe and non-judgmental space for you to come and learn about your options