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We know how confusing and scary an unplanned pregnancy can seem.

For many reasons, it’s possible to miss a period, feel nauseous, or experience mood swings. The best way to know if you are truly pregnant is to take a pregnancy test.

Even if you have taken a home pregnancy test, ensure your results by following it up with a pregnancy test at our clinic. You could have taken a home test too early or skipped a step completely. To get the most accurate test result possible, let us help.

How Does A Pregnancy Test Work?

When a fertilized egg implants and begins to grow in a woman’s body, the placenta releases a hormone called hCG. This hormone triggers your body to produce more estrogen and progesterone to sustain and support your pregnancy.

Try waiting at least a day after your missed period when taking a home pregnancy test. Some tests are more sensitive than others, but hCG needs time to build up to a detectable level before your test. 

Home Pregnancy Tests

Not following the instructions could result in a false positive when using a home pregnancy test. Be sure that the right amount of urine is on the test, and read the test at the directed time. Getting the pregnancy test too wet or reading it too long after using it can cause evaporation lines that you might misread as a positive test result.

What If It’s Positive?

If you receive a positive result on your home pregnancy test and aren’t sure what’s next, we can help! We offer free pregnancy testing so you can know where your pregnancy stands.

If you receive a positive test with us, we also offer free limited OB ultrasounds to confirm all the details you need to move forward with a pregnancy decision.

Take one more step toward clarity by scheduling your free appointment today. We’re here for you.