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You are not alone as you navigate your unexpected pregnancy. Our non-judgmental and compassionate team is here every step of the way to support you during pregnancy and beyond!

Parenting Support

Choosing to parent can feel overwhelming; if you select this, we want to be in your circle of support.

One of our support services at The Women’s Clinic of the Antelope Valley is ongoing support for women who choose to carry. Our support includes but is not limited to pregnancy and parenting education, referrals to necessary services, and material gifts, such as diapers, clothes, car seats, and pack & plays.

Are you interested in a parenting support system? Talk with us today to learn more.

Post-Abortion Support

Many women, after choosing an abortion, feel regret and profound sorrow. If this is your choice, and you are living with emotional pain and don’t know where to turn, you can receive support from the Women’s Clinic. 

Call and set up an appointment to learn more. A caring team member can listen and help connect you to resources to begin your healing journey. 

Pregnancy Prevention & Healthy Relationship Support

You may visit us and find out that you are not pregnant. But the experience may have been a scary circumstance that you would like to avoid in the future. 

Our team is here to help you evaluate how to move forward in a way that empowers you to improve your emotional, relational, and physical health from now on.  

We are here for you as you take your next steps. Contact us today to make a free appointment. We can accompany you on this journey and offer peace in the midst of uncertainty. You are stronger than you know.